Padi Courses Completed

Well another week has come and gone and we are half way through July and before we all know it it will be Christmas once again so have you thought about come for a visit as  everyone here at Nautilus would love to have you come diving  in Vanuatu with us.

We have had a great week with both the weather and sea conditions and we have had a couple of great families scuba diving with us, the Umbers family have introduced there 2 daughters Kelly and Gemma in to scuba diving and the girls have now both completed their Padi Openwater Course, we have also had the  Heap family diving  and James,  Stuart and Alyce have also completed there Padi Openwater Course, James went on to complete has his PADI Advance course while dad completes his PADI Wreck Specialty course, so well done to everyone that has completed the diving course while diving with us this week.

It has been a good month of diving with dugong sightings, hump back whales, cuttle fish, manta rays, Leapord sharks  and the list just goes on, the water temp is still around 25 to 26 degrees which is very nice and the days have been just perfect with blue skies and cobalt blue waters so don’t be a stranger we would love to see your smiling faces here.

Check out this link I am sure you will love it.  Diving with a Dugong


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