Saturday 9 August

We’ve had a bit of a “Wreck Special” going on over the last few days and done some superb dives on all our wrecks ! After a great dive on the Semle Federsen, eight Devil Rays cruised with the group and joined them in the shallows. Konanda Wreck, (the little boat) had everyone gasping with the 20m+ visibility (a rarity) and as usual the Star of Russia was up to scratch with a large shoal of Trevally and Big Mouth Mackerel. BUT .. you always should leave the best till last … Wednesday morning after diving the Tasman, the group were chilling out on Cowrie and chilling out on the surface with them were 3 dugongs. Our skipper Freddie reckons that the biggest one must have been almost 4m long and only about 1m away from the boat !!

Night dive on Tuesday at Twin Bommies this little batfish was hanging off the wall at 20m – what a stunner, and as always we all saw the sleeping Green & Hawksbill Turtles ! Thanks to all divers this week – but especially Adam, Sara, David & Paula – we’ve had lots of fun with you guys this week, hope to see you all again.

Another busy week for Open Water courses – well done to all the guys that completed – Vincent, Zeak, Brent, Kirsty, Alexis and Erin. Congrats to Duane who has also managed to fit in an Advanced course before setting sail to Fiji.

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