Diving Vanuatu Cathedral

Diving Vanuatu Cathedral

Planning on a scuba diving while on your holiday in Port Vila then what better dive site to experience than diving Vanuatu Cathedral.

Nautilus Watersports would love to take you out to explore the Cathedral a spectacular cavern dive that is located at the tip of Pango point a vast cavern has formed which makes a spectacular dive, maximum depth 26 mtrs inside the cavern with shaft of light creating an unusual effect. It is possible to swim right through to the back of the cave to be amazed by the light display, don’t forget to explore the walls as your are traveling in and out of the Cathedral as you will be surprised at what you will find, hidden in the crevasses of the walls some of the wonder underwater life you will come across are fire clams, plantar shrimp, nudibranchs and plenty of other amazing critters.

Diving Vanuatu Cathedral

After coming out of the Cathedral explore the outside and along the wall and look out in to the depths of the ocean. Again you will be amazed at what you will find as you travel along the wall, quite often you will come across schools of Maori wrasse.

Diving Vanuatu Cathedral is a must do dive for both the recreational dive and also the hard core dive, so why not come and visit Nautilus Watersports next time you are wanting to go scuba diving in Vanuatu.

Diving Vanuatu Cathedral

For More Information Diving@vanuatu.com.vu

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