Diving Vanuatu Beginners

Diving Vanuatu Beginners

Are you planning a holidaying in Vanuatu and you would love to go for a dive and explore the pristine waters but have never dived before then why not let Diving Vanuatu take you diving Vanuatu  for beginners.

Diving Vanuatu Beginners

It is as easy as one, two, three, as a beginner diver you need to be 10 years or older and in good health your instructor will take you not deeper than 12 meters or approx 40 foot.

After complete a bit of paperwork the staff an Diving Vanuatu will then go through a flip chart which explains how to use the dive gear, how to breath and equalize your ears from there in to the swimming pool to learn a few basic skills, once you have mastered these skill on to the dive boat and out for a short boat trip to one of Vanuatu’s magical reefs, Twin Bommies is an ideal dive site for beginners with plenty of fish and coral life.  As you go down the mooring line you will be greeted by our friendly Clown Fish or as many people know them as Nimo. You dive instructor will be with you at all times on your magical underwater adventure.

Diving Vanuatu Beginners

So while on holiday in Vanuatu don’t forget to put scuba diving on your list of things to do as we know you will not be disappointed.

So don’t forget diving Vanuatu beginners is as easy as one, two, three and our friendly staff here at Diving Vanuatu would love to take you out on an experience of a life time.
For more information please email: Diving@vanuatu.com.vu

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