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Discover Scuba

We do run what is called a PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience. To complete this short course the person would need to be at least 10 years of age and in good health. We run these programs every afternoon commencing at 12.30pm at our premises here at Nautilus Watersports.


The program involves running through a briefing with one of our instructors, then gearing up and jumping into the pool where you take your first breath underwater. The instructor will go through with you a couple of basic skills of scuba diving and ensure that you are comfortable with diving before heading out for the ocean dive which has a maximum diving depth of 12m.

You then leave our premises on our dive boat with your instructor for a leisurely afternoon dive on either Twin Bommies or Konanda Reef to experience the wonders of tropical scuba diving seeing abundant coral and fish life. You would then cruise home enjoying afternoon tea provided to be back at our premises at approximately 4.00pm. The investment in this experience would be 8,000Vt all inclusive. Here For Currency Conversion.

Having completed the Discover Scuba Diving program you can enroll in the PADI Open Water Course with us here at Nautilus Watersports.   The Discover Scuba Dive counts as Dive 1 of the Open Water Course which consists of 4 dives in total.  The cost of the Discover Scuba Dive would be credited against the cost of the Open Water Course (see Option 2)

If you just wanted to do more diving and not enroll in a course, you can do additional Discover Scuba Dives for only 8,000Vt for a single boat dive or 14,000Vt Here For Currency Conversion for a double boat dive. For a glimpse of this activity click Intro Dive

Option 2:

Discover Scuba and on to you Open Water Course

If you want to do your PADI Open Water Course while you are here we would credit the cost of the above Discover Scuba Dive and the dive itself would count towards your diving course.

To complete a PADI Open Water Course you would need to be at least 10 years of age and in good health.

A PADI Open Water Course consists of:


1 X Confined Water (Pool Session) approx 1-1/2 hours learning safety skills.

4 X Open Water boat dives (dives 1 & 2 max 12m / 3 & 4 max 18m)

5 X Videos to be viewed in our classroom with a small quiz after the first 4 then a small exam after the last video. – Not required if theory is completed via eLearning.

There is also a study manual that is required to be read. This is run along similar lines to the video presentations. – Not required if theory if completed via eLearning.

You are also required to have a watermanship test – this involves swimming 200m and treading water for 10 minutes.

As far as a medical is concerned, it is not mandatory; however there is quite a large questionnaire to complete concerning your health. If someone had any doubt about any condition they have got or had, I would advise getting a medical from your own doctor rather than trying to get it done once you arrive here. For argument sake, someone that suffers with schizophrenia or asthma would not be allowed to dive. They may have had asthma when they were young but not suffer from it anymore. They would need a medical to state the now have a clean bill of health.

What we do for a lot of our overseas guests that are coming here to become certified divers is, once we know they are coming we get them to pay a small deposit and we then send them an Open Water Manual which they can study at home before they arrive here. This manual can also be purchased from your local dive centre. If you don’t want to purchase a manual then PADI has introduced eLearing, this is internet based, you have unlimited access to the PADI Open Water Dive course manual, you can complete the knowledge at your own pace, please check this link for more information on eLearning By completing all of your theory with eLearning before you arrive is a great way of reducing your course time by approx ½ day.  By choosing this option you will complete all of your knowledge reviews, quizzes and final exam and you can do it at your own pace.

A lot of people don’t want to spend too much time studying when they are on holidays so if you can get a basic grasp of it all before they get here they will breeze through it all. A course usually takes anything from 2 to 4 days to complete depending how much effort is applied by the guest.

Regarding the transport to and from Nautilus Watersports base, we offer a regular pick up and drop off service to all the major hotels and resorts (except Le Lagon) in Port Vila. We run dives every day of the year. Our regular schedule runs from our morning dives at 8.00am (usually a double) (resort pick up at 7.30am), afternoon dive at 2.00pm (single) (resort pickup at 1.30pm) and our night dive every Wednesday at around 5.30pm.

Check out the rest of our web site and dont forget to have a look at out accommodation and diving packages. Accommodation at Nautilus.

The PADI Open Water Course is 31,500vt Click Here For Currency Conversion plus 7,900vt Click Here For Currency Conversion for a PADI Open Water Manual), this does not include freight or if you choose to complete your theory via eLearning the cost is $120.00.

Again, thank you for your inquiry, if I can assist in any other way, please don’t hesitate to e-mail.

Why not take advantage of one of our special diving packages available to you:

Open Water Course + 6 dive package                            Price 66,100Vt (discount 5,000Vt)

Open Water Course + Advanced Open Water Course     Price 63,000Vt (discount 5,000Vt)

The prices quoted above are inclusive of full equipment rental.  If you would like to take advantage of the packages but have you own equipment, please contact Nautilus Watersports for further discounts.

For Further information on A Discover Scuba, Introductory Dive or an Open Water Course please contact us.

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