Dive Log

We put items of interest here for our guest to read and we post to it regularly.

A Visiting Dugong 17/12/07

This Dugong has become a frequent visitor to a couple of our dive site recently.It has even been practicing fin pivots with a couple of Open Water Students. Dugongs are large grey mammals which spend their entire lives in the sea. Fully grown, they may be three metres long and weigh 400 kilograms. They have […]

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Travalley at the Star Of Russia 15/12/07

Trevally – Amazing visability on the Star of Russia wreck made for a superb dive with schooling trevally and tallfin batfish cruising around the top of the wreck. For more info on the Star of Russia Click here http://www.nautilus.com.vu/

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Mini Octopus 13/12/07

Mini Octopus – mooring Cowrie up at Konanda Reef this little octopus was found on the mooring line. Being no bigger than a finger nail he was rescued from the boat and quickly put back to safety in the water.

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